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 Here at River City Performing Arts, all classes are limited in size because we feel that individual attention allows us the opportunity to help instill in our students positive traits such as high self esteem, self discipline, responsibility, team work and pride. We feel that most goals are obtainable through hard work. The music and costumes chosen are always age appropriate, as we feel very strongly about having a positive influence on our students.


In these classes, 3 & 4 year olds will be instructed in ballet, tap and basic acrobatics. The student will be given a chance to express tehmselves through song and dance, learning games and basic creativity. Preschoolers will receive a basic understanding of dance technique.


These classes are tailored toward 4 & 5 year olds, giving them a firm foundation in ballet, tap and acrobatics. These classes help the student with fundamental coordination and timing and are an advancement from the Preschool I program.


These classes are designed for 6 - 8 year old students, and consist of ballet, tap, jazz and acrobatics. Combo classes allow the child to receive a variety of dance training, enabling them to express themselves through all types of dance.


Tap classes consist of a combination of learning exercises. The students will be taught a graded system of tap as well as choreographed routines and rhythmic combinations.


A modern form of dance consisting of body isolation, dance technique, leaps, jumps, turns and combinations to popular music. Jazz is an art form full of personality, confidence and excitement.


Ballet is the basis for all types of dance. Our ballet program helps the student's grace, poise, confidence and discipline. They will be instructed in strengthening barre exercises and center floor combinations to classical and lyrical music.


A form of dance that uses improvisation to express oneself through contractions, extensions and isolations performed in the parallel positions.


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